20 December 2011

Nepal Police arrests Facebook mis-user for Cyber crime

Kathmandu Nepal: Nepal police has arrested a student Shyam Prasad Timisina against cyber crime of using fake Id’s and defaming girls on facebook by posting obscene photos and videos using fake name.

Timilsina 21 was arrested for cyber crime and cyber harassing in context of sending pornographic videos through fake account that came in action after a victim girl launched a complaint against the perpetrator. Timilisina had created number of fake accounts and use to approach girls with the intentions of sexual harassment and exploitation. The police traced his number from facebook account that was posted there.

With the easy accessibility of social networking and internet, the case of cyber sexual exploitation and harassment in Nepal are in rise. Though the services in Nepal are standardized to match around the globe but regarding ground mechanism we lack far behind. Amid weak policies that are limited within books and laws, Nepal web users are openly vulnerable to externalities.

These days a new viral face book scam is taking its toll where a user clicks in the posted picture on his or her wall and once it’s clicked it automatically posted the same material to friend’s wall with no notification to the user. The facebook user should not worry about this as it’s just an application, where being aware and sharp can save you from huge embarrassment. It’s not a malware. It’s a form of a viral marketing that has been adapted in the news form of SPAM.

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