01 December 2011

The Mystery of Duqu: Part Six (The Command and Control servers)

Kaspery release next part of its investigation of Duqu and it is few notch better than a thriller-serial. 

"At Kaspersky Lab we have currently cataloged and identified over 12 different Duqu variants. These connect to the C&C server in India, to the one in Belgium, but also to other C&C servers, notably two servers in Vietnam and one in the Netherlands. Besides these, many other servers were used as part of the infrastructure, some of them used as main C&C proxies while others were used by the attackers to jump around the world and make tracing more difficult. Overall, we estimate there have been more than a dozen Duqu command and control servers active during the past three years."

Worth reading complete report and a lesson for cyber investigation. Had India cooperated in timely manner there could have been wealth of information available.

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 Solutions : www.xcyss.in

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