23 December 2011

Heartbroken musician killed himself after Facebook taunts

A HEARTBROKEN young musician infatuated with a girl online killed himself just hours after being told to "go and die" by cyber bullies on Facebook.

Tormented Simon Foxley, 21, fell for a girl he had never met but his feelings for her were unrequited.

Simon hanged himself after Facebook users hounded him with "heartbreaking" messages - when he attempted to contact the girl who had deleted him as a friend.

The taunts ended with the jibe "go and die" shortly before Simon was found hanged in the wooded area by his devastated dad Graham, 56, and brother David, 18. The talented drummer's family spoke out against cyber-bullying on Wednesday after an inquest into his death recorded a suicide verdict.

His mum Diane, 55, said: “The boys that made those comments to Simon would not have done it face-to-face - it was only because it was over the internet.

More than 570 friends and family joined the Facebook page 'RIP Simon Paul Foxley' in the wake of his death.

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