26 December 2011

New Hackers Attacks Focus on ICloud Users

Hackers are reportedly started to focus on users of the iCloud service of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) as they attempt to obtain the log-in credentials of the users, who may be in the middle of preparations for the holidays. Users of the iCloud service are warned of the phishing scams and were asked not to reply to emails that ask for their username as well as their password.

According to reports the scammers will claim to be Apple and recommend users to reply immediately because if they do not do so, their iCloud or their MobileMe accounts will be terminated.

Scammers have also used some words that use terms related to security, such as ‘virus’, on the emails. Other techno-speak words may also be used by the scammers to make the email appear important. These scammers are reportedly trying to scare the users into moving quickly. Reports have reported that a non-existent virus, the DGTFX Virus, was used in recent emails to iCloud users.

The scammers may say that this non-existent virus is all set to be released and the scammers require the username and the password in order to give the iCloud users an upgrade. Users of the iCloud service who receive such an email are requested to delete it immediately along with any other email that claim to be Apple that recommend the sending of the account data of the users.

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