08 December 2011

FBI, Bulgarian Authorities Bust High-Profile Cyber Crime Gang

An international cyber crime gang that has been draining money through illegal transactions has been busted in a joint operation carried out by FBI and the Bulgarian police.

The gang has employed the so-called "phishing" emails to clients of main US banks in order to steal their user names and passwords and drain their accounts, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry has clarified in a press release.

Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent email messages supposedly from a legitimate company or organization in order to trick someone into giving out personal and confidential information.

Employees of the "Computer Crimes" Department of Bulgaria's Unit for Combating Organized Crime (GDBOP) busted have captured a total of three Bulgarian hackersin the cities of Sofia and Burgas who have participated in the cyber crime gang.

The apprehended individuals are aged between 28 and 35. They had numerous accounts in libertyreserve.com, paypal.com, webmoney.ru and moneybookers.com, among others, the Bulgarian authorities have found out during the investigation.

Computers, cell phones, banks accounts data, documents proving money transactions, as well as plastic slabs have been have been gathered as evidence.

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